Monday, 6 June 2011

Dear, CHA SEUNG WON-sshi!

전세계 생일 축하 메시지 차승원 확인하려면 개별 메시지 풍선을 클릭하십시오-차승원씨 생일 축하합니다!
Fans from around the world would like to wish Cha Seung Won-sshi a very Happy Birthday! Each has sent their personalised individual Birthday wishes for the man who has brought them joy into their hearts~

Dear Mr Cha,

생신 축하드립니다 !  Happy Birthday! I heard that someone sent you this blog rather than the map link. Please click on this to open your Birthday present and you will see all the messages from all your fans around the world  who has lovingly wrote their personalised Birthday greeting to you!
We hope you like it !

Mrs Cha Seung Won sent this message on 08 June :- 
Thanks all my husband's english fans for celebrating his birthday to him~we are glad so much and we never forget forever^^God bless you~^♡^

I am over the moon!!!!  This wouldn't have happen without YOU! Kamsahamida!!!

08 June 2011
Dear Cha Seung Won Fans, I have on good authority that Cha Seung Won-sshi has been filming non-stop even on his birthday he was unable to go home and he had no breaks at all. He has not only been filming but also been doing interviews for journalist as well as quick parties held for his Birthday.. I think I last counted 4 Birthday cakes already.. so please be patient.

Mrs Cha Seung Won sent this message to me again:-
So sorry... He's very busy these days.. so he has not seen yet... but i must send him~!!! ^^;;;

Please dont set your expectations too high. I dont want to disappoint you. He is under no obligation to us. It is a gift from us from our hearts without need of repayment, right? Thank you for your participation, support and understanding ! I am truly grateful! 

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  1. Hi Im his fan too, so may I ask you to keep in touch? :) Im not keen on reading korean but I really like his job so much
    Im PooMiKo from Thailand ^_^