Sunday, 5 June 2011

Worldwide Cha Seung Won Birthday Project! Progress!

21 Hours 06 Minutes to go before Cha Seung Won-sshi Birthday! 

Latest update is that I have had a reply from Daum administrator that they will add my message to their messages. YIPPEE! I still do not know what they are planning for him but nonetheless I am still happy to get a reply from them personally. I am so relieved!!! It is also really considerate of them to reply in perfect english no less because I think I have already missed their deadline. I am not sure because I couldnt submit my message to their Birthday Board that they created in their cafe. Anyway, some of the cafe members have replied our Birthday project with encouragement so I am very happy they have definitely received it and noticed it.

Of course all this couldnt have happened without all your Birthday wishes. For something I started less than a week ago (31 May 2011 ) this is really awesome! KAMSAHAMIDA to all you lovelies ! I would like to make a very special THANK YOU to Angelie for helping me register, it took us 2 days for that but without her I wouldnt have been able to get this far. Thank You Angelie )))huggies(((

I'm not keeping my hopes up that this project will be mentioned by Birthday boy himself  but I do know that if he sees our map,  I'm sure we have 'RECHARGED' our IRONMAN !!!! *wink* LOL

I will keep you updated and if you are in the Cha Seung Won loop and you have anything? Any tiny thing about this project? Please share it with us all we need 'recharging' too! kekeke

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  1. yayyyyyy so glad they answered you!!!
    btw it's me chingu antonia clamens