Saturday, 4 June 2011

Worldwide Cha Seung Won Birthday Project! Update!

*I have reopened the map for submission of messages! Please spread the word and get yourself on the map before its too late. Remember Korean time is different, for me it is earlier. I will be closing the map tommorrow 11am UK time (5th June). Im sorry I had to close before for submission deadline. AND PLEASE DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING - instructions and link on 2nd post below. * 

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible. The many balloons and messages are encouraging and heartwarming! Kamsahamida to all of you for your hardwork and creativity!

I am rather stressed now as the burden of more than 100 balloons need to be made visible to Mr Cha Seung Won himself. This is where I dont want to let anyone down. Please forgive me, without any Korean help, my translation is poor, Thank You Nanuk for helping me best you can with the little Korean you know. I appreciate it nonetheless.

I have sent this Birthday link and message to his official fanclub at daum in the hopes that they do pass it on to the Birthday boy. I desperately hope they pass it on to him!!! This is what I sent to them :-

전세계 생일 축하 메시지 차승원 확인하려면 개별 메시지 풍선을 클릭하십시오-차승원씨 생일 축하합니다!
Fans from around the world would like to wish Cha Seung Won-sshi a very Happy Birthday! Each has sent their personalised individual Birthday wishes for the man who has brought them joy into their hearts~

If any of you know his agency's email? , if you are his daum official fanclub member? , if you know Korean? or can get help from a Korean? PLEASE HELP ME in any of this or in my translation, as I can still edit the map before his actual birthday - 7th June.

My last resort is to send him a me2day Birthday message with this map link tomorrow midnight (UK time)

I do hope our Birthday wishes to him is received. Any suggestion, help or questions are most welcome, you can comment here or email me at

I promise to keep you updated!


  1. OMG!!!

    You locked the post very soon and I could not send to my dear oppa a message of congratulations for his birthday :'(

  2. I had to close it because his official fanclub birthday project closed on the 4th June and I needed to get this project submitted. If you would like to leave your message I will reopen it from now till 11am 5th of June (Uk time). Hope this helps.

  3. Hi! I would like to say thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea for celebrating CSW's birthday!!

    I have a problem though. I have tried to write in the Info Widow Content but every time I click it with the arrow, it will say that the application area is too small.. what can I do? I really want to leave a message for him.. tq :)

  4. Hi rainee,

    I have gone in and tried and there doesnt seem an issue with me. I have also checked with the faqs and cant find anything for this by the umapper developers. What I suspect is that if you are pinning your marker so close to too many other markers I would suggest pinning your marker somewhere further eventhough that might not be your exact location. Also use another browser, just in case it has to do with your browser e.g internet explorer. I am using google chrome. Also on the info window content there is title and the content to fill in and you should be able to write your message. remember to press submit and then save on the top right of the map. Hope this helps. Closes in a about an hour. Sorry I just woke up. Let me know how it goes.

  5. Hi qd4821,

    Thankx for the info but apparently I realised your reply too late and you have closed he map :( Never mind though, there's still next year, I hope :)) Thank you for entertaining my comment and hopefully your project would succeed :DD

  6. rainee, let me know when you can try again. what time to what time and I will reopen for you. Of course it must be within this 21 hours before CSW Birthday or if you would like I can post your message for you, let me know what you would like to post and what marker number or description are you? I dont want you to wait another year!

  7. Hi qd4821,

    if it's not too much, could you open the application till 12.00 afternoon, your time? since I'm too embarrassed to ask you to post it for me. Thank you so much :))

  8. Hi qd4821,

    I've succeeded in writing my wishes!! It's like you said, I had to use Chrome to be able to write. Thank you so much for waiting for me, I really, really appreciate it! :))
    Now hopefully your project will succeed-FIGHTING!!